“Bully” EZ Moving And Storage Sued For Stealing Competitor’s Name

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LANSING, MI – Greg Earl Thompson Sr. and Greg Earl Thompson II were sued in court (May 18, 2016) for appropriating the name and likeness of a moving company competitor U-Save Moving and Storage.

Neither Thompson’s admitted in court that they did not have lawful permission to use the name, logo or likeness of U-Save Moving and Storage. They claimed their use was “newsworthy” and therefore protected under law.

Neither of them are licensed or registered journalists.

“They are bullies.” Says Jae Burnham, owner of U-Save Moving and Storage. “Their attorney basically admitted that they are using my name and likeness out of petty spite and revenge because they couldn’t get their own way when they tried suing me in 2010. They claim that they are good Christians; I don’t remember reading that revenge was holy.”

Greater Lansing Life has found that both the Thompson’s have a history of bringing many lawsuits to other moving companies. They are currently suing EZ Moving out of Chicago.

“TDC International [the mother company of EZ Moving and Storage which is owned and operated by the Thompson’s] accused me of stealing their equipment and had me followed and stalked. They posted false Craigslist ads saying I was a child molester and other horrendous things.” Says another company sued by the Thompson’s who did not want their name published for fear of retaliation by the Thompson’s.

The trail was adjudicated by Judge Cherry.

Greater Lansing Life called and asked for a comment from the Thompson’s but have not returned any messages for comment.


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