6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing A Call Center

Choosing A Call Center Partner

Outsourcing your call center operations can equally be important as managing the entire network of communication for your organization. The need for businesses, regardless of their size, to have their customer relations well taken care of can be of primary importance. This can be true especially for those who strive to meet the demands of their customers in a timely manner.



When you hire a call center to regularly speak with your customers, they become representatives your brand, and are fundamentally the face of your company. This is why it is critical to choose a BPO partner who can deliver an efficient communication strategy that enhances and promotes your company name. When choosing a BPO partner, here are some important questions to ask:

  1. Do they clearly define the goals that you want to achieve with the outsourcing relations?

This question has to do with how efficient can the BPO center free management workload so you can focus on the essential core competencies of the business. Will they be able to provide you agents with specialized skills? Or will they able to sustain efficiency and lower costs for your company? This can be questions that can impact the operational costs along with preserving company brand.

  1. Do they have a proven track record of service commitment?

It can be important to find out whether the vendor has experience and qualifications in delivering the service similar to the one you intend to outsource. Like for instance, have they provided service for a financial institution, if that is the kind of service you want to outsource. Also, do they have a qualified management team, project managers, or team members who can effectively work to enhance your business?

  1. Will they be able to provide a sound structural flexibility?

As outsourcing demands structural organization that should be attuned to the existing system of your company, they should be able to provide a structural flexibility to be able to customize their business framework to fit your demands. An example would be, if in case your company handles several tiers, tier one for orders and other transactional inquiries, tier two for more complex and uncommon questions, tier three for escalations. Will the BPO partner be able to manage customers the way you want to? Or will they be able to manage call routings effectively so customers will be served accordingly?

  1. Do they have a seamless application that can be integrated with your company’s?

Another critical factor you should look out for with your prospective BPO partner is the software application they use. Will they be able to incorporate consistent software that can work in connection with your business applications? This can be important in evaluating call data, CMR data, and analysis of the call center’s overall performance.

  1. Will they be able to scale rapidly?

It can also be crucial to know whether your prospective BPO partner will be able to support your company’s continued growth or sustain the seasonal swings of the business. In such cases, a BPO who offers manpower flexibility can be a necessary consideration.

  1. Will they be able to provide a reliable service?

The worst that can happen to your company is when call center operation fails and the customer forms a negative impression about your organization. A call center that has backups in cases of outages and other problems should also be looked into before choosing the right BPO partner.


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