Call Center Etiquette

How We Get The Best From Agents At Call Centers

To succeed as a call center agent, you need to be equipped not only with job skills but etiquette skills as well. If you are wondering how our call centers train to handle your business calls, we offer you a look at how our agents are trained to ensure you get the very best in call center services around.


Proper call center etiquette will help your business.



Always answer the telephone with a proper, polite greeting. From there, you must stay calm and speak clearly at all times. Also learn to address the caller as they wish to be and nothing more. From there, pay full attention to and acknowledge the customer’s every concern.


More than likely you receive some form of telephone etiquette training before you are sent out on the floor to take calls. From then on, make sure you thoroughly apply whatever training you receive at all times to keep the company thriving.


Now matter how rude, belligerent, profane or otherwise unpleasant a caller may be, sliding down to that same level with the caller is a serious sign of immature and unprofessional behavior on your part, which eventually leads not only to permanently losing that customer but also your job. That in turn will cause the rest of the company to suffer, as this caller may tell everyone he/she knows.


Being a call center agent is much more than sitting at a desk and taking calls day-by-day. If you are respectful one full day to everyone who calls you, then you are expected to behave that way at all times, as you are counted on to take care of the customers’ needs as efficiently as possible. If you slide into a discourteous attitude, you will lose your boss’ trust, even if you are disrespectful once.


A job as a call center agent is not for the nervous and timid. At the same time, both your boss and a caller can tell if you are feigning confidence just to try and impress them. Confidence does take some practice, so make sure you have practiced enough of it before you even consider applying for a job as a live agent.


Make sure you are knowledgeable about a certain product/procedure before you go ahead with taking care of the callers’ needs. For example, if someone calls regarding a problem with a specific brand of washing machine, you need to know at least a decent amount about this product, otherwise you would have nothing to utilize in this case.

True Interest

Callers and the boss also can tell when you are faking interest in what the caller will have to say. Ask questions to make minor connections with the caller because that could lead to this caller asking specifically for you  and no one else next time he/she has a problem.

Keeping Opinions to Oneself

Keep any one-sided or biased opinions to yourself when you deal with callers. Neutrality is always the best means of communication here, as problems will be solved most efficiently this way.


If you suggest one solution to a problem but a caller and/or your boss has a different approach, then respect and listen to their suggestion. Welcoming any and all changes, regardless whether or not you agree with them, is not only a sign of workplace maturity but also maturity in life in general.


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