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Customer experience/service is now the biggest differentiator when consumers make their decision about the company they want to do business with. And because of digital technology, customers are demanding and expecting personalized services. Personalized customer service is key to building meaningful and long-term relationships with your clients. Offering the same generic service to all of your customers hoping they will all be satisfied will no longer cut it.


Customers want to be recognize as individuals and not just another anonymous number in an invoice or contract. In order to successfully create a personalized customer support system, your business will have to establish policies and use the available technology in the marketplace to ensure the policies are executed with strict governance.

The policies are based on the methods that we have outlined in this post. And automation technology can be used so you can better understand your customers. Customer behavior can be analyzed and tracked so that you can respond to their demands with a tailored approach. By delivering a level of service that is both relevant and timely, your company can stand out from your competition when it comes to customer service/experience.

We have put together some key points that will improve the level of your customer service and in turn help your organization build brand awareness and client loyalty. The following strategies will make every client feel valued and provide them with the level of service that they deserve.

Name-Based Communications

It may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how many businesses and customer service centers do not know their client’s names.

Most businesses have a standard script that is assigned to their call center staff. The scripts assign standard titles and forms of greetings without taking into account the name of the actual client.

Knowing your clients name takes an extra step of due diligence, but this gesture goes a long way towards building rapport with your audience.

“Good evening Mrs. Johnson or Mr. Smith” is guaranteed to get better feedback than the standard: “Good evening Sir or Madame.”

An opening and closing greeting with the clients name will give them the clear impression that their business is valued and your company sees them as much more than just a number.

It’s these simple additions to your customer service that your clients will remember. The power of name-based communication will affect your current business standings as well as your future interactions.

In addition to improving the level of customer service, name-based communications will lead to customer loyalty and reciprocation. Customers are more likely to remember the name of the company that remembers them. They are also more inclined to refer their friends and family to your company and services.

A certain trust and comfort is developed when you call customers by their name. This process can be taken further when your customer service representatives give clients their name as well. Clients feel more comfortable knowing to whom they are speaking to. This level of comfort will lead to more honest and fulfilling conversations.

A personalized engagement between both sides will set the foundation on which a long-term relationship can be built.

Long-Term Relationships

Successful businesses understand that each one of their clients should be viewed as long-term prospects. There is no such thing as a one-time customer, and businesses will receive positive feedback if they are able to implement this into their customer service models.

This approach should be applied even if your business is engaged in what may be considered one-time sales industry. By treating every customer like a long-term client, your company will put itself in position to receive referrals and a positive word of mouth.

The customer to customer, word of mouth is the best form of advertising and the long-term approach is the best way to establish it. The future clients that you receive through this method will be more profitable with higher return on your investment. As opposed to customers that were acquired through your marketing strategy, the referred customers not only cost you less but they are also more likely to convert.

When calculating the value of each client, it’s the actual conversion that matters. Customers that eventually pay you for your services drive profitability, and it’s the long-term approach that influences their decision.

As a company you can keep this cycle going by recognizing your clients. The clients that show their loyalty to your business with repeat transactions and referrals should be rewarded.

Recognize and Reward

Personalized customer support should be rewarded and recognized. The best approach to deliver the best service is by delivering a two-step reward system.

One of the reward systems in client support is the planned approach. By making your customers aware that they will be rewarded and gain additional benefits, they are more likely to act as your ambassadors.

Even a standard phone call to make an inquiry can turn into an opportunity to recruit and reward your clients. This approach essentially turns your customers into your very own work force – designed to bring in business and positively advertise your services.

The second type of reward should be a spontaneous and unexpected gift. Clients that call or make inquiries can be given a discount or reward. Not only can this strategy turn a negative into a positive, but it also highlights the value in personalized service and creates a bond with your client.A reward given to your client is for all purposes a reward given to your company. By planting the seed of reward and recognition, the client relationship can bloom into a long-term association filled with repeat business and high degree of satisfaction.

Conclusion On Customer Service

The most effective method in delivering personalized customer service is an all-inclusive solution of the above methods. This includes creating relationships with name-based communications, and rewarding loyalty to set the foundation for long-term relationships and success. Once this is applied, and you address the needs and desires of your customers on a personal level, they will have fewer reason to go elsewhere.

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