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The new, big buzzword around customer support service industry is “automation”. Businesses across all fields are showing increased inclination towards this new set of technology driven processes that forgo human intervention. Entrepreneurs worldwide are working towards automating their business functions. This includes marketing, customer service, and the like. No doubt, automation helps to organize and accomplish diverse mission-critical functions in a way that is flawless and cost-effective. However, customers still expect personalized attention even with automated customer support solutions.


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Decision makers approach call centers in India with the hope that they can ensure personalized support and assistance provisions. Organizations expect that contact centers, like ones in India, can help them be proactive in offering opportune, timely, and personalized customer support solutions. However, most contact centers fail miserably when it comes to offering top-tier customer support solutions services. While these outsourced solution centers may offer efficient technology, multichannel solutions, and ultra modern infrastructures, they tend to miss a few basic points, like a personal touch, when it comes to customer service solutions.


Here are 4 tips for contact centers  to follow if they want to provide and ensure a 5-star, top-tier customer service experience.


  1. It’s All About Gratitude

Your customers give your brand business and they could easily take that business somewhere else. With that being said, when a customer calls in, it is extremely important to express gratitude towards your customers. Gratitude can induce value-centric element in your brand’s offerings. Not only that, but gratitude also offers a sense of personalized solutions like discussed earlier. You should know already that customers have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a brand to associate with. That’s why gratitude is the number one tip for providing top of the line customer support service solutions.


  1. Personalize Each Interaction With Name Use

When answering the phone the customer support likely gives their name to the person calling. However, how often does the person calling give their name? If a business or brand wants to give a fully personal customer service support solution, it’s imperative to be on a first name basis with the customer. This is a wide step above using names like, “sir” or “ma’am”. While these are polite surnames, they lack that sense of personal touch a business or brand is aiming for. People like hearing his or her own name and this will help to create an enriching and personalized conversation.


  1. Promotional Campaigns are not for Everyone

No matter how amazing a promotional campaign may be, it does not always fit the likes or lifestyle of every customer a help center interacts with. From various surveys and observations, it has come to the attention that many services or promotions offered during a help call are not really in the vested interest of the caller. This means that while they may be calling about one thing, they are not really all that interested in hearing about another thing. Call center executives must learn the preferences to institute personalized bonds with their customers and the customers’ preferences.


  1. Pay Special Attention to Channel Preferences

In order to render specific guidance to customers, it is wise to note and pay close attention to a customer’s channel preference. This will help to strategize the overall customer service experience. It will also help to manage any questions, queries, or qualms a customer may have. This is ideal for efficient and effective customer service support solutions. A business or brand can identify channel preferences through customer support surveys.



Call Center Bonus Tips:

  1. Analyze Social Media

Social media is a major platform most, if not all business use to efficiently manage several promotional or brand awareness campaigns. However, very few businesses pay attention to what their customers are talking about on these communication channels. Not only should business uses these platforms to talk to customers, they should be using these platforms to listen to customers. These tools are an easy way to find out what the customers want and need.

  1. Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys Through Multiple Channels

Businesses and brands can use social media platforms to conduct customer feedback surveys across multiple channels. These surveys can be used to inquire about customer overall satisfaction. These channels can also be used to connect directly with customers at a grass roots level. It is also an easy way to understand customers across varied socio-economic zones. Social media platforms give insightful contact between customer and business and therefore can help curate the services a brand or business offers.

  1. Check Hold Times and Call Abandonment Rates

No one likes being placed on hold for long periods of time. In fact, call abandonment rates can be extraordinarily high for call centers. That’s why call centers need to evaluate the call abandonment rates and hold times for their customers. This helps the centers and brands evaluate whether or not their support is helpful. Ideally, a call center should minimize their call abandonment rate by minimizing their call hold times. By paying attention to average call hold times and call abandonment rates, centers can easily measure customer service satisfaction rates in an adept manner.

  1. Pay Attention to First Call Resolution Rate

Numerous call centers undertake various effective initiatives to ensure First Call  Resolution (FCR) to customers, and these call centers even spend very much on agents’ training and mentoring sessions in order to improve their customer service skills.  However, it is so unfortunate that they do not pay attention to first call resolution rates.  They must understand that undertaking efficient initiatives focused on calculating and improving first call resolution rates can help them immensely in not only ensuring top-notch service but returning customers.

Quality Customer Service

Experts suggest businesses outsource their non-core functions to companies that are the most competent in the specific field. This is due in part to irrepressible advancements in technologies. The global business platform has undergone radical change, which are undeniably enabled blue chip companies of the world to capitalize efficiently on growth and expansion opportunities in the business world. However, businesses must remember that business is more than just about money. Quality customer service is a major function in a successful business. This cannot be achieved without varied customer service strategic goals from outsourced solutions. By treating your call center partners, outside vendors, third party service providers, and BPO firms as strategic business partners, a business effectively accomplishes successful business outcomes.

Outsourcing A Call Center

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s decision in outsourcing any aspect of their business. In fact, there could be a wide range of industry specific issues as well as domain specific complications as well that can force organizations to delegate their customer service functions to outside experts. Therefore, businesses must not hesitate to seek guidance, assistance, and support from some of the most renowned, competent, and experienced solution providers. However, some decision makers still fail to make prudent call center outsourcing decisions, and this blog aims at helping them in this regard. It can be difficult to devote the appropriate amount of time or manpower towards customer service. For this reason, outsourcing can be the right solution. However, it’s important that a business and who they outsource their customer service to remain pragmatic and keep an open line of communication. In order to have a successful outsourcing relationship here are a few tips to keep things running smoothly.

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Set Realistic and Manageable Expectations:

It is not an astonishing fact that if you start expecting a lot from your outsourcing partner, that it can have a drastic impact on the strategic partnership you’ve set with them.  Certainly, every business firm is vying hard to make the most of golden business opportunities in our present day global marketplace. Also, for the same reason, they even work overtime. Most people and companies consider this to be an admirable trait. However, a company needs to be pragmatic in their approach herein, and they must not start expecting the same from your outsourcing partners.

Communicate professionally:

It is so certain that every outsourcing solution that you seek might not exceed your expectations. Not only that, but, you have all the right to communicate the same to your outsourcing partners. However, you cannot afford to initiate an unplanned or unprofessional phone conversation to express your disappointments. You should let your trusted call center business outsourcing partners know about the areas wherein you’d like to see improvement. Additionally, you must ensure that all those conversations and communications are not only professional, polite, and cordial, but productive as well.

Respect their opinions and suggestions:

Understand this, if you are seeking some sorts of assistance from outside companies to accomplish a particular function, then it certainly means that you do not hold a distinct level of proficiency or expertise as it relates to accomplishing that function. Therefore, you need to pay special heed to all the suggestions, ideas, and opinions that your outsourcing partners share. This will not only help you procure proficient outcomes, but also helps you add value-centric element to your professional collaboration.

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Now that you have a few tips on how to keep things running smoothly. How do you know when it’s time to reach out for outsourcing solutions? Of course, there are plenty of factors that can force customers or businesses to outsource their mission-critical customer service functions to outside experts. Some find it difficult to devote appropriate amount of time to customer service, however other customer and companies might not be able to handle multichannel customer engagement with a high level of proficiency and precision. In fact, there could be a wide range of industry specific issues as well as domain specific complications as well that can force organizations to delegate their customer service functions to outside experts. Therefore, businesses must not hesitate to seek guidance, assistance, and support from some of the most renowned, competent, and experienced solution providers. However, some decision makers still fail to make prudent call center outsourcing decisions, and this blog aims at helping them in this regard.

 Know when customer service is not at all your strength

As customer service is a complex function, it is so imprudent to expect that your in-house professionals can actually handle all those with utmost ease.  Moreover, it is so important to also know that investing a lot in this regard might not help your professionals achieve a high level of proficiency as it comes to customer service.  Therefore, you must consider call center outsourcing when you know that you do not have in-depth expertise and exhaustive acumen regarding customer service.

When you start losing business owing to poor customer support provisions

Businesses must start delegating their customer service to outside experts as soon as they come to this conclusion.  It is so true that if your customer service fails to impress your customers, then you can lose plenty of customers over a small duration of time.  Therefore, decision makers must start acquiring outsourced solutions as soon as they realize that they have started losing business owing to poor quality of customer support provisions.  Outsourced customer support solutions can help businesses retain maximum number of customers and attract potential customers in the most competent manner.


In conclusion, businesses must not only understand, but fully realize, that to ensure long-lasting, strategic, and value-centric collaboration with expert call center business outsourcing companies, that it is necessary to demonstrate a high level of respects and regards. In total, businesses must acquire efficient call center outsourcing solutions. This will benefit companies for whenever they are unable to accomplish varied customer service strategic goals with utmost competency, precision, and proficiency. In a day when customer service reigns king, outsourcing is the ultimate solution to longevity.

Call center solution providers can follow these tips to measure customer satisfaction, which will ultimately help to evaluate the efficiency of their solutions. These tips will also help guarantee effective call center services for customers. In conclusion, following these guidelines can help to personalize effective customer solutions.

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