How Outsourcing Can Support Your Business

A call center is not a separate entity outside of your business parameters; in fact, it’s actually a part of your business as an extension. The offerings and services of a center are vast and provide optimum support to empower the businesses.


Outsourcing Unmatched Experience

Outsourcing to call centers also offers help desk outsourcing services to the customers. It is important that they should be able to offer quick response towards the customers. Look for a business outsourcing organization with a strong background and high experience of offering services. The organization should have reputed clients and be able to deliver on hand resources providing the optimization of your business.

Reduce Operational Costs

Customer service support is an extremely extensive endeavor for many companies who simply do not have the capital to provide quality customer service support. Therefore, outsourcing can help to reduce operational costs and ultimately support the success of a business. As you may be familiar with the concept that outsourcing is key to helping maintain positive customer relationships as well as helps to draw in new markets along with new customers.

Round the Clock Availability

With our global world comes global demand for quality and efficient customer service. A call center is available 24/7 and can be easily accessed anywhere in the world. The services are potent enough to create a strong, new image for your business. Different levels of support are available like help desk, tech support and customer care executives that help to assist your customers or users and to meet your business’ needs no matter what time it is.

Increase Attention on Core Functions

When a business is constantly being stretched too thin because of a lack of enough time or manpower in order to address all customer support issues, it can begin to effect revenue. However, outsourcing to a call center can help to increase revenue by allowing a business to return its focus back to what is important. Therefore, increasing their attention on core functions and preventing key resources to perform noncore or administrative jobs.



Accelerate the Market of Products or Services

Now that the focus is turned back on to the business of making profit, a business can finally start making new leeway into different business ventures or new markets. With outsourcing customer service support, attention, time, and resources are appropriately delegated so that every person is maximizing their potential within the company or business. When employees at all levels are overwhelmed by increasing responsibilities outside of their job role, it can cause a business to suffer and prevent the business from opening into new markets, territories, and services.

Outsourcing And Technology


With the current business landscape as it is, it is important for your organization and its needs to constantly be able to evolve and adapt effortlessly and efficiently. With more and more companies outsourcing their non-core functions to call centers, business are able to optimize their performance levels.

In this competitive business world, technology is considered the lifeline of any organization. Contact centers around the Globe are able to exploit this same technology for both their benefit and the benefit of a business. Ultimately this provides more flexibility to a call center’s clients by effectively streamlining their back office operations. But just how else can outsourcing to call center help your operation?

Providing Skilled Manpower

The best part of outsourcing customer service facilities is being able to tap into the potential of well skilled work forces that have the knowledge and ability to cater to customer issues. Moreover, BPO units regularly provide training to their employees in order to sharpen their soften skills. Ultimately, this helps clients to cement better relationships with their potential and existing customers, which in turn, improves their sales and revenue growth.

Reduce Expenditures

Though it may sound counterintuitive, outsourcing offers an opportunity to limit or reduce expenditures. In fact, high expenditures are the number one reason why companies seek outsourcing enterprises. By providing innovations and flexibility to businesses and customers alike, outsourcing customer service call centers can help to reduce and maximize expenditures on customer service.

Provide Service to a Wider Range of Customers

By using call centers in India, a business is able to access customer service support on a larger level than if they never outsourced. Why? Well, India has a mammoth population of English speaking graduates. Thus, the country has been approached by organizations across the world to assist and offer inbound customer service support services. Not only are they fluent in their Nation’s regional language, broadening the customer service base, but they are also able to speak fluent English, assisting English speaking countries with customer service support.

Provide Consistent Metric Reports

An outsourced, inbound call center can provide weekly, monthly, and periodical reports to their respective clients that state the right statistics. These reports include the figures of customer inbound calls, consecutive resolutions and the conversion rate of sales. Sometimes, the customer contact the agents for other product or services offered by the business organization. Thus, it is important for the agents to be aware about the respective products and services offered by the client. Professional agents always do complete research on the organization and the product or the service offered.



Well Versed in Global Protocols

As enterprises worldwide are increasingly connected owing to free trade policies and removal of trade barriers, contact centers (both inbound and outbound) are required to follow standard guidelines and code of conduct to meet the best quality benchmarks. This allows companies to deliver superior customer service experience to their highly valued customers and acts as a catalyst to attract new customers.

Inbound call center services can do more than just help to alleviate the need for better customer service support. They can help to attract new customers while also developing stronger relationships with existing ones.

Efficient Tips to Measure a Call Center’s Customer Satisfaction Score

Any successful contact center should be measuring their customer satisfaction score fairly regularly. This helps businesses evaluate if outsourcing is right for them, as well as helping the contact center determine their success rate with customers. There are five different ways in which a business and a contact center can determine if they are reaching their goals.

Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys

Businesses worldwide pay attention when conducting customer feedback surveys. These help for businesses and contact centers alike to get direct feedback from the people they serve. However, it’s important to keep in mind the varying socio-economic zones with the different types of customers. This is important because it may determine the channel in which a business or contact center tries to communicate with and its success rate.

What is the Average Call Handling Time?

This is one of the most important metric for contact center planning system and contact center management framework. Call handling time not only includes the duration of time which executives speak with customers, but also includes the total span of time required to handle each call and perform the related formalities, such as making entry in database, updating CRM, and so on. Longer handling times could result in a loss of customer base for both a business and a contact center that might end up losing that business.



Staff Turnover/Retention

If a business is considering to outsource to a contact center looking at the staff turnover and retention rate should help you decide if this is the center you want to go with. This helps to develop insights regarding factors that might influence staff turnover rates. A high turnover rate or poor retention rate could indicate poor customer service handling and, as a business, it would be wise to not move forward with that particular contact center.

Analyze Social Media

Everyone’s online these days, so there’s bound to be some talk about a business or a contact center’s handling of a business. This is an easy and free way to monitor what businesses and customers are saying about each other. Of course, there will always be some bad apples and angry individuals, however if there seems to be an influx of these poor reviews, it may be indicative of the level of expertise in customer service. Both contact centers and businesses can easily monitor and measure a customer’s satisfaction.

Check Call Abandonment Rates

Customer support or actual customer, everybody gets frustrated at times. When customers are placed on a seemingly long hold time, the call abandonment rate goes up. Therefore, contact centers and businesses alike should be mindful of the call abandonment rate. No solutions are found if a customer hangs up.

Is Outsourcing Right for Your Business and How Can you tell It’s working?


Handling customer calls, both happy and not so happy, require a well-rounded and sometimes complex employee training process. This can take time away from business selling hours, as well as keeping people from doing the best job suited for them. In an extremely fast paced work environment sometimes customer service can get overlooked or shortchanged. So how does a business know when it’s time to outsource and if it’s actually working?

When You Start Losing Business due to Poor Customer Support Provisions

No matter how skilled your in house staff is on customer support, it’s inevitable that people begin to feel stretched far too thinly to play multiple roles with the same level of quality. Once your customer service representatives begin to fail or impress customers, business can be severely impacted. Outsourced support can help businesses retain a maximum number of customers, attract potential customers, and handle all complaints in a competent and swift manner.

When You Know Customer Service is Not Your Business’ Strength

All great businessmen and leaders know that admitting your weaknesses is a sign of strength. Delegation is key to any successful business. However, delegation doesn’t just mean within the confines of a business. If you know that your business’ strength is not customer service, then it is time to delegate and outsource that component elsewhere because not every employee is equipped with the training and exhaustive acumen required for competent customer service.

When Employee Morale Begins to Dip

If an employee is feeling unsuccessful in their role they are most likely going to wear out and wear out fast. Employee motivation is one of the most crucial points in the success of a business. Outsourcing your customer service needs to a call center can help keep employee morale high as employees can now fully mature and bloom in the roles they are suited best for. Keep in mind that your outsourced employees are yours just as much as the employees in store. Rewarding call center executives as often as possible as a form of gratitude can keep employee, business, and call center relationships happy and fruitful.

Pay Attention to Metrics that Drive Employee Experience

Just as careful as you are about your employee’s overall experience at work, so should you and the call center be concerned about the employees there. Consider the environment in which the employees of the call center work at. Is it a friendly and positive work environment? What are the productivity measurements? Examples of this are, average call handling time, number of call being answered, and FCR rates. A happy employee in any role in any place is a productive employee.


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