Are You Making HR Outsourcing Mistakes ?

Common Pitfalls

Don't make outsourcing mistakes.



HR outsourcing is a trend quickly catching on with some of the biggest companies today. The practice comes with its own set of benefits and plus sides. However, this also means that it comes with its own set of mistakes and problems as well. Some of the common pitfalls plaguing HR outsourcing or call centers include:

Untrained agents and staff.

As call center agencies rely on agents who must be on the phone for the whole shift, it’s a given that they be trained in the appropriate ways to talk with clients. The most important demand in this field is a proficiency in the English language. If the agent is totally unfamiliar with the language, it would send a poor image to the client waiting on the other line. Miscommunication problems abound with the lack of English skill as it would be difficult for both client and the agent to tell each other what the problem is.

Another sign of untrained agents and staff is their lack of confidence in the product or service you’re selling. This comes out in a variety of ways: a lack of enthusiasm with the conversation, a lack of knowledge on the product, and a lack of care when conversing with the client.

An employee’s distaste or lack of interest in the job is very visible to the average client, even if the agent isn’t visible to them. Once the client picks up on this, do not blame the client if they hang up the phone and find their help elsewhere.

Outdated technology.

Technology moves at a quick pace these days, and if your company gets left behind, it won’t take long for the competition to catch up. Be careful to continue monitoring the latest trends and technology, so as to provide only the most up-to-date service to your clients.

Aggressive sales talk.

While a call center’s primary business is to sell, this shouldn’t mean that the agents should use hard sell tactics to get their point across. Examples of these include endless plug-ins of other products or services you offer, even if the customer does not ask for them. For the average client looking for a simple solution to a problem, availing of your extra offer will be the last thing on their minds. If anything, the hard sell tactics may even drive them away from the extra offers – and worse, from your company itself.

Luckily, these problems can be remedied, as long as the company is willing to invest in the proper time and resources to fix them. If you want to make sure that the call center agency you hire doesn’t fall victim to these mistakes, you can get in touch with Call Centers Now. Here, we ensure only quality service to our clients by subjecting our employees to the appropriate standards.

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